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15 of the Most Horrific Things Ever Found In Someone’s Food

Warning: this is NOT for the squeamish!
These 15 real people found items in the food they purchased from stores or restaurants… and it’s so horrific I may never eat fast food again. GAG!!!


1.) A McDonald’s hash brown… with extra moth!


2.) MMM. Fried (whole) chicken.




4.) Au Bon Pain’s fresh mouse salad.


5.) At least one part of that loaf isn’t filled with gluten.


6.) Chicken Tikka Masala will never be the same to me.


7.) Ew, he got screwed over at that restaurant.


8.) Subway: Eat Knives.


9.) It’s so gross it defies logic.


10.) Always check your cans of pop. Always.


11.) I THOUGHT that pastry was a little too crunchy…


12.) Oh hai there, want a salad?


13.) Don’t buy candy that’s on extreme sale.


14.) Fresh vegetables with fresh frog.


15.) They just redefined “finger food.”

Source: viralnova

Dad Fills Out 11-Month-Old Daughter’s Daycare Questionnaire and It’s Hilarious


What do you do when you’re a parent and you are asked to complete a personality survey for a daycare for your 11-month-old (who obviously can’t fill it out herself)?

This dad did what any parent with a wicked sense of humor would do: he was totally honest (well, mostly anyway). And his answers were funny enough for the daycare employees to appreciate:

“When daycare, completely seriously, asks my friend to answer stupid questions on behalf of his 11 month old daughter, it is inevitable that stupid answers is what they’ll receive,” the friend who posted it to Reddit said. She also pointed out that even though sleep depravation is misspelled, it might be fairly close to the truth. Right, parents?

Here’s the masterpiece itself:


(source: huffpost, reddit)